Harry was an employee in Germany who felt financially broke and stuck in the rat race. The choice was this: live with regret or change! He used his passion for financial markets to learn how to invest. This is not theory... After struggling for years, making $200k and losing it all, Harry continued to learn and improve and finally achieved financial freedom through investing and lives now on an island in the Mediterranean. In addition to his investing, he teaches his know-how & system to others - it works regardless of your background, experience or capital-base. And it takes little time to implement. You can do it too. Take initiative, learn how to invest with financial success and create your dream life.


About us

H2 Intel is a company that provides online education on investment management and is run by Dr. Harry Hamann (MBA) - a private investor based Cyprus that invests in multiple asset classes such as public & private equity, crypto assets, real estate, commodities and bonds.

Why learn with us

Proven Know-How & System

Millions in investing profits achieved. We teach it to others and it works.

Multiple Asset Classes

We cover anything from public stocks, private equity (angel investing), crypto assets, real estate, commodities, bonds, currencies and beyond.

Outcome Focus

The goal is financial success for you. Investing is just the tool. Your wealth will grow in your sleep.

Grow your Mindset

You will remove barriers. The sky is the limit. Learn how rich people think, act, succeed, feel.


Learn with simple explanation that you can understand. Easy how-to-approach that you can follow with confidence.

Low Resources & For Everyone

Takes little time and little capital to implement successfully. Works regardless of background, age, experience.

Our Difference

Simple + holistic + effective.

Your Advantage

Learn To Invest with Financial Success.

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