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Learn How To Invest: this investing calculator shows the power of investing.

By Dr. Harry Hamann (MBA), April 28, 2022

Your eyes will pop open if you see these numbers in detail. Will be releasing a FREE investing calculator soon (Preview). The point is: if you don’t invest systematically, you will be sacrificing time for money for the rest of your life.

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  • 1) Conservative assumptions: 8% Returns, $50K Income, 45% Tax, only $8K Investment Contributions. If you optimize these numbers, the outcome can be dramatically optimized.
  • 2) You don’t need much capital to generate serious wealth with investing. It is not a matter of IF, but WHEN.
  • 3) Year 10: Your monthly income from your money (investments) is $854. Your residual income from your job is $737. Your money produces more excess income than “you”. (you can’t see this on the chart, but calculator will provide these numbers).
  • 4) Year 16: Your money has made you already more money in total than the money you generated from your work time (you doubled your assets).
  • 5) Year 24: With investing, your assets are now 3 times bigger than without investing.
  • 6) 90% of people don’t know these numbers inside out. I think even some of my colleagues underestimate or do not fully understand them.
  • 7) “Basics” but no one knows the basics.
  • 8) The bright side: if you have a little bit of know-how and system, you’ll be much more successful financially. Investing is for everyone!

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