By Dr. Harry Hamann (MBA), September 13, 2021

Reasons why you lose money as an investor or active trader.

There are many people losing money as an investor or active trader. I was one of them.

The question is: why? They over-complicate it. The key is keeping things simple.

And to master the simple things. Take the best pro athletes in the world and watch what they are doing. Mastering basics better than anyone else is the key. It is not the fancy things that makes them great. It is consistency with simple things. Here is Michael Jordan on the topic:

Beginners get overwhelmed by information, they want riches tomorrow. So they try risky strategies like derivatives (options, futures), penny stocks, etc. Then they leveraged up. Big time. More leverage, more gain, right? Then the money is gone. Almost like in Vegas.

Simplicity means: doing less, not more. Concentrate on what you know, ignore the rest. Avoid leverage, it is poison and hard to manage for the average private investor. You are never forced to sell if you take on no leverage. Buy quality. Would you buy a car with one wheel and no engine? I thought not… So don’t buy one!

In short: do what others are unwilling to do. The boring things. Then, watch your wealth go up. Not so boring anymore, is it?

Best regards, Harry

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