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Learn How To Invest with Financial Success


Investing Know-How and System of the 1% for the 99%
developed by Dr. Harry Hamann (MBA) from H2 Intel
to create Wealth that lasts

Works regardless of your background with little capital and time

Invest Text 📧

Ask questions (investing/finance/wealth), get answers. 12 Questions, 1 Year.
WhatsApp-Chat or Email.

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Ask questions (investing/finance/wealth), get answers. Learn To Invest.
20min Phone-Call/WhatsApp-Call/Zoom.

Private Mentoring 👑

Get investing mentoring with screen demonstration. Tailored for you.
60min Online Video Call (Zoom).

✔️ Proven Know-How & System: millions in investing profits.
✔️ Proven Transferability: we teach it to others and it works.
✔️ Goal: financial success for you. Investing is just the tool.
✔️ Mindset: you will remove barriers. The sky is the limit.
✔️ Rich: you learn how rich people think, act, succeed, feel.
✔️ Learn: Simple explanation that you can understand.
✔️ Copy: Easy how-to-approach that you can follow.
✔️ Profit: Your wealth grows in your sleep.
✔️ Low Resources: little time, little capital to implement.
✔️ For Everyone: regardless of background, age, experience.
✔️ Confidence: you will be able to do this yourself.
✔️ Hands-Off: earn while drinking caipirinhas at the beach.
✔️ Asset Classes: Public Stocks, Private Equity (Angel Investing),
Crypto Assets, Real Estate, Commodities, Bonds, Currencies etc.
✔️ Our Difference: simple + holistic + effective.
✔️ Your Advantage: Learn To Invest with Financial Success.

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Client's Feedback

Lydia Mayer

Sales Dept., Chemical Company, France

I really love that the content can be applied instantly and is easy to understand.

Steve Thompson

Finance Manager, Oil Industry, USA

Mastering Investments is worth every penny! Great investment framework and ideas. Covers all major asset classes.

Ronnie Kaiser

Engineering Lead, Automotive Industry, Germany

Mastering Investments is amazing. I am blow away by the density of the program.

Maria Gurzik

Flower Shop Owner, Germany

Thank you Harry for helping me get started with investments.

Singh Varadkar

IT Dept., Marketing Firm, India

After finishing this video course, it finally made click. Investing is the new saving!

Felipe Maz

Restaurant Owner, Brazil

I feel truly empowered to take advantage of long-term investments. Amazing content!

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